10 Countries with the Super Sexiest Women

- May 10, 2017

HNGN surveyed 44,873 men to find out which countries are home to the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful women.

Did your country make the list?

10. Lebanon (323 votes)

Muslim-American Miss USA Rima Fakih is famous for her polemical nakedness, but Lebanon boasts many more beauties from Supermodels (Yamila Diaz-Rahi) to "Lebanon's Lady Gaga." (Haifa Wehbe)

Some models include

Myriam Faris
Rosarita Tawil
Rola Saad

09. Bulgaria (429 votes)

Home to the first digital wristwatch and Mark Zuckerberg’s grandparents, Bulgaria has also given birth to some of the world’s most beautiful models and playmates.

Some of the featured beauties are:

Nikoleta Bojinova Lozanova
Diliana Popova
Romina Andonova 
Silvia Dimitrova
Gabriela Vasileva
Stella Angelova

08. Philippines (651 votes)

The beaches, islands and tropical fruit aren’t the only things lush in the Philippines. Some of the sexiest women in the world are also product of this beautiful country.

Some of the featured beauties are:

Jennylyn Mercado
Andrea Torres
Ellen Adarna
Angel Locsin, 
Anne Curtis and Jinri Park

07. Brazil (992 votes)

About 50 percent of Brazil is rain forest. The other 50 percent is steaming hot, Brazilian women. Whilst the men play soccer, these goddesses lie around drinking Caipirinhas, putting this bountiful country at number 7. 

Some of the featured beauties from Brazil:

Adriana Lima
Alessandra Ambrosio
Raquel Zimmermann
Ana Beatriz Barros
Juliana Martins
Daniela Freitas

06. Australia (1,040 votes)

Boasting some of the world’s best beaches and cutest animals, it’s no wonder it should also host some of the world’s hottest women. From the Minogues to Blanchett, these gals will make you have a G’day.


Yvonne Strahovski
Margot Robbie
Miranda Kerr
Isabel Lucas
Phoebe Tonkin

05. England (2,006 votes)

We’re just as surprised as you to see England made the list, but this chilly country certainly has its share of hotties. You may recognize a few.

Some of the featured beauties are:

Kate Beckinsale
Emma Watson
Keira Knightley
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Kelly Brook
Elizabeth Hurley

04. Colombia (2,741 votes)

This salsa-dancing nation has jewels other than emeralds. Some of the world’s lushest Latins are from Colombia.

Some of the featured beauties are:

Adriana Arboleda
Andrea Serna
Carolina Guerra
Amparo Grisale
Sofia Vergara
Maria Fernando Yepez

03. America (3,402 votes)

With a diverse population of over 300 million, it’s no wonder there are plenty of beautiful women from coast to coast in America. From movie stars to supermodels, the U.S.A. has it all.

Some of the featured beauties are:

Chanel Preston
Jessica Alba
Nicole Scherzinger
Michelle Lombardo
Ashley Greene
Ali Landry
Jessica Biel

02. Barbados (4,036 votes)

Rihanna isn’t the only Bajan to storm the world with her divaesque beauty. Baywatch stars and supermodels alike, grew up in this Caribbean paradise.

Some of the featured beauties are:

Lene Hall
Mari Morrow
Stacey Dash
Meagan Good

01. Armenia (5,971 votes)

Apart from supporting the first church ever built, Armenia also boasts other huge buttresses. From Bollywood to Reality TV stars, Armenia is a surprising goldmine of shiny babe nuggets.

Some of the featured beauties are:

Kim Kardashian
Taylor Rain
Tulip Joshi 
Yvette Nelson
Christy Canyon
Kourtney Kardashian

Which country do you think should have made the sexiest women list?

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