10 Most Expensive Houses in the World

- May 15, 2017

When people think luxury & riches, opulent lifestyle they also have in mind that wealthy person living in a cool, giant & extravagant house. Our team put together this showcasing the current top 10 most expensive houses despite the fact that there are dozens of other Top 10 most expensive Houses. We don't claim to have the best one out there but we certainly tried to make it that way.
Although there were some incredibly expensive penthouses that might just made it onto this list we decided to look only at how's it so what makes the following homes the most expensive houses of the world, it has to do with the following things.

1) The most expensive elements factor, how much someone's willing to pay for it.
2) Cost of surrounding real estate properties adjusted to the size and living space the property has to offer.
3) Cost of putting the house together, interior and exteriors design along with extra features that might be in place.

4) Historical value that gives the place intangible value very similar to how the house can sell for millions more just because the celebrity live there.

With all that said it's time to dive into the ten most expensive homes in the world.

10) THE PINNACLE ($ 155 Million)

The PINNACLE estimated as one hundred fifty five million dollars.The Pinnacle is the largest property in the Yellowstone club, the luxurious community exclusive to the super rich if you're looking for the most expensive mountainside residents it doesn't get better than the Pinnacle heated floors fireplaces your owns skew elevator and staff standing by to take care of anything you might possibly need. This luxurious mountain retreat is currently owned by Edra and Tim Blixseth.

9) FRANCHUK VILLA ($ 161 Million)

Franchuk Villa estimated as one hundred sixty one million dollars. Real estate prices in London have always been top of the line. Several times ranking for the most expensive homes around the world it's no surprise that we find a Brit property in our top ten. A movie theater and indoor swimming pools, a panic room and the personal gym are just a few of the facilities this London based mansion has to offer, its prime location, the view and everything else this property comes with is only sing it for someone like at least ten digits in their bank accounts.

8) HERST MANSION ($ 165 Million)

Hearst Mansion, estimated at one hundred sixty five million dollars. Although there are plenty of amazing castles to choose from we're looking for residents and if you read till the end, there's a surprise for you that was rather special this castle has twenty nine rooms in it, was featured in the godfather movie and it was also a U.S. President J. F. Kennedy's pick for its honeymoon, priced at one hundred sixty five million this godfather palace is an exquisite symbol of what wealth can buy you. As of all the homes present in our ranking it's not something middle class could ever afford, this staff costs alone for one year usually go over like an average worker makes the lifetime. This palace is currently owned by William Randolph Hearst trustees.

7) ELLISON ESTATE ($ 200 Million)

Ellison Estate, estimated at two hundred million dollars developed by Oracle founder Larry Ellison. This state is the Palace of heaven. The property stretches over twenty three acres with ten luxurious buildings to live in. Larry's life was inspired by Japanese samurai and you can see that in everything that's going around on the property, you'll find that quite fond, a tea house, a bath house and plenty of sun like places in which you can doze off and recharge, when you're the third richest person in the world you can afford to build your own a quarter of heaven in California.

6) THE KENSINGTON PALACE ($ 222 Million)

The kensington palace estimated at two hundred twenty two million dollars is bought by steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal in 2008 for two hundred twenty two million dollars this property was put back on the market few years ago for two hundred and sixty million because he's looking for a bigger one, if he manages to sell the deal will make Mr. Mittal close to fifteen million dollars in profit and rumor has it in my closed the deal this year finally finding a suitable buyer off course leave them with a quarter of a billion dollars just to move into a new home. Mr Mittal hasn't bought a bigger property yet but rumor has it is going to build his own castle.

5) FAIRFIELD ($ 248 Million) 

Fairfield, New York, estimated at two hundred forty eight million dollars. The Hampton is the ultimate symbol of wealth in terms of positioning your summer properties and although the square foot prices dropped only by a little since 2007 now we're seeing an uprising in prices, it's the largest property around, it's Fairfield and we were shocked to discover it was only a number five in this ranking, Position in the Hampton's probably the most expensive neighborhood in the U.S. This property is so big that it has its own power supply on site totaling sixty three acres, this twenty nine bathroom home is the ultimate real property in the area. It is currently owned by Ira Rennert, the American investor.

4) THE WHITE HOUSE ($ 322 Million)

White House, estimated at three hundred and twenty million dollars standing strong in the fourth position we have the white house. We all know it and according to real estate companies the property would be valued at three hundred twenty million, three hundred sixty four thousand three hundred and fifty-four dollars, if it would ever take the market. This is very unlikely since it's been used as the Presidential House since the eighteen hundreds although the place is not as big or luxurious as the ones it comes, it's certainly has plenty of historical value for the expected price. Something you might not know is in the White House is actually owned by the National Park service and that is exempt from mortgage or property taxes. 

3) VILLA LEOPOLDA ($ 736 Million)

Villa Leapolda, estimated at seven hundred thirty six million dollars, well that escalated quickly the first property in our ranking to go over the five hundred million dollar mark it so happens to be the most expensive mansion on the continent probably the most expensive villa in Europe. This twenty acres, half a billion dollar house is currently owned by Mikhail Prohorov, owner of the Brooklyn Nets and for the price you get one of the most incredible views in the world. During our research, we couldn't find one facility the place didn't offer and even as something was needed, it would've appeared here at the clap of the owners' hands, the other half is owned by Lily Safra, a Brazilian social life that gathered at one point two billion dollar fortune through four divorces.

2) ANTILLA ($ 1 Billion)

Antilla, an estimated at one billion dollars, in many rankings we have it listed as the most expensive home in the world and what the price tag of one billion it came really close to getting the title in our top ten list also believe it or not this twenty seventh floor tower is the single residence built for the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. It took almost five percent of his net worth to be completed over six hundred people are currently employed in order to function on the day to day basis and we have to say that place is incredible. Antilla has as a special place on this list because it should be ranked as most expensive house the world and if we did look at the term house so literally you'll see why next.

1) THE BUCKKINGHAM PALACE ($ 1.56 Billion)

The Buckingham Palace worth one point five six billion dollars, the most expensive house in the world is the Buckingham Palace valued at over one point five billion we know it's not your average of real estate properties, but we had to take it into account when concluding our top ten same as the White House, it serves as administrative purposes but the place was once used to be the sole residents of some might say the most influential family in the world. With incredible historical value the Buckingham Palace is valued an astonishing of one point five six billion if it were ever to be listed on the market, the property is currently owned by the British Sovereign. 

We couldn't really include other big buildings because of the initial criteria we set up before we started.

With that be is that we have a question for you in what do these ten most expensive houses of the world do you believe it would be the most fun to live and why?

 Let us know in the comments.

Do you know Dracula? Off course you do who doesn't,  well the entire vampire phenomenon was based on a new thriller called Vlad the pale and and his castle is currently for sale the place actually make the last year's top ten but because of the drop in listing price it now ranks on the twelfth spot.

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